Organic Imabari Bath towel Pink

By Ikeuchi
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Size 72 x 150 cm
Material 100% organic cotton, Obtained Oeko-Tex Class 1 (safe for baby)

Designed slightly larger than normal. The plush pile is absorbent enough to dry your body and long hair after a bath, and still be ready for more.

Orgaic 520

ULTIMATE SOFTNESS - A sensation to take your breath away
The quest for ultimate softness has ended. Created with such softness you will let out a sigh of delight when you touch it. The methodically woven pile creates a simple, unpretentious finish that is still soft and cozy. A towel whose pile is soft and springy like a cushion.

IKEUCHI ORGANIC SOFT - The intrinsic texture of organic cotton
The pursuit of softness in towel making. When making soft towels, the usual method is to use fluffy unbraided yarn which is suited to a soft finish. This kind of soft towel lines the store shelves in response to customer demand. On the other hand, we have created a supremely soft towel using well plied yarn. This creates a towel that does not lose its nap or shape, and brings out the best in organic cotton softness.

ULTRA ABSORBENT TOWEL - All towel, up tp the hem
These are all towel, from end to end. Even the pile hem around the edges is made with towel fabric. With a meticulously woven deep pile, we guarantee supreme softness wherever you touch the immaculate surface. Choose from a range of pastel colors that would make a perfect baby blanket.