Imabari Washi Bath towel Gray Muji

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Size 60 x 120 cm

Cotton and paper intertwine Japanese tradition

Absorbent, Quick-drying, Light, Deodorising effect and Massage effect

Thin yet strong,washiJapanese paper is said to be the world's most outstanding paper. We took classic washi made in the city of Mino in Gifu prefecture, combined it with cotton and wove it into a towel.
The washi paper fibres are slit finely with a micro slitter to a width of 1 to 4mm, and wound into a spiral. The slitwashiis twisted and interlaced with other fibres to create a material for use in woven fabrics.
Washiis an ecological material that is "created from nature and returns to nature to be reused". It also has excellent compatibility with cotton. With the same mass as linen, yet only one third of the weight, awashitowel is ideal for everyday use.

Made in/Product of: Japan
SKU: 32208C.KP