Organic Mask White L size

By Ikeuchi
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Size 14 x 18.5 without the straps
Material 80% organic cotton, 17% nylon, 3% polyurethane. Obtained Oeko-Tex Class 1 (safe for baby's mouth)

Washable (Washing net)

This face mask is knitted, seamless, comfortable and breathable.It is made of organic cotton and Oeko-tex Standard 100/ Class 1 certified proving they are completely safe for babies and children.

Made in Japan

Organic Cotton

TRUE ORGANIC -Lovingly nurtured by the earth
Organic cotton is brimming with Earth?s boundless energy. Experience overwhelming comfort and unwavering safety in the organic cotton we use at IKEUCHI ORGANIC. Wrap yourself in our towels once, and you will be hooked for life. Integrity towards humans and the natural environment is maintained through all stages of production from sowing cotton seeds until the towels are born. Only when the whole production process true to nature can the real comforting quality of organic cotton be truly appreciated.

OVERWHLMING COMFORT- Bury your face and experience the difference
Forget your current perception of towels. This is 100% organic cotton. Prepare yourself for unprecedented sensation. We have created a towel that is not only overwhelmingly sensuous, but absorbent and durable too. From towels as soft as the wind to thick, luxurious towels made with ample thirsty yarn. Find a towel that is perfect for you from our range of vivid colors and delicate graduations. Whichever you choose, you will not be disappointed.

CRITERIA FOR ORGANIC COTTON- Building organic relationships with all living beings
The word organic can mean inherent, untouched. But what is organic cotton? Cotton must meet the following three criteria to be certified as organic.First, it must be grown organically on land where agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers have not been used for three years or more. For the three years it takes for residual chemicals in the soil to disappear, cotton cannot be classified as organic.Second, the seeds must not be genetically engineered. Cotton that has been genetically engineered to grow faster with more uniform, high yields is strictly excluded from the production line.Third, it must be fair trade. This assures cotton farmers have a safe and hygienic work environment, receive a fair living wage, and are guaranteed a fair price and sustainable sale price.Organic does not only apply to the natural environment. It means creating organic relationships with all beings on the premise that humans are an intrinsic part of the natural environment. This is cotton as it should be. Organic cotton.

MANUFACTURING WITH COMPASSION - Fairtrade - The organic spirit
Fair trade aims to improve the lifestyles and encourage independence of people in socially or economically disadvantaged situations through buying materials or products at a fair and sustainable price. We did not start making towels for charity, but a fair trade relationship developed naturally through making towels with true organic cotton. We value compassion for all workers, from cotton farmers to colleagues at partner factories, in making our towels.

Made in/Product of: Japan
SKU: 32334E.KP