Asahi Wrap 30cm x 20m

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What is “Asahi Wrap™â€
Asahi Wrap™ is food wrapping film made of PVDC* premium material for preserving and cooking food.In fact, the performance of food wrapping film varies significantly depending on the material.Because it’s intended to be used every day, Asahi Wrap™ is carefully designed to make sure it keeps food delicious and fresh.
* Polyvinylidene chloride
**The functions and the film itself are the same as the Japanese “Saran Wrap®â€

Japan's No.1* Food Wrap
*Source : INTAGE SRI Data (CY2020))

Highly functional PVDC film
・Japan's Food Sanitation Act
・Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011
・21CFR (by FDA)
Keep food fresh by preventing oxygen and moisture passing through with special material of PVDC

Easy-to-use packaging
・Can be used in microwave safely with its high heat resistance up to 140â„
・Easy to handle and cut film with its functional carton box and durable film

Made in/Product of: Japan
SKU: 40302.KP