ALOINS Eaude Cream S Face Body Cream 185g

By Aloins
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ALOINS Eaude Cream S Face Body Cream185g

Made in Japan
Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture

A medicated skin cream full of the blessings of aloe.The long-selling secret is the difference in moisturizing power

A medicated skin cream that protects the skin from dryness and rough skin.
Even though it is a cream, it blends smoothly into the skin and is not sticky.
With its unique smooth feel, it keeps your skin moisturized for a long time.


Rough skin.that nature.Prevents heat rash, frostbite, cracks, chapped skin, and acne.oily skin;Prevent razor burn.Prevents hot flashes after sunburn and snowburn.Tighten the skin.cleanse the skin.condition the skin.Keep skin healthy.Moisturizes the skin.Protect skin.Prevent dry skin.


[Active ingredient]
Glycyrrhetinyl stearate

how to use

Take an appropriate amount, spread it thinly on your skin, and use it.

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